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Time to relaxto feel goodfor you

Welcome to Massage Mangold at Hotel Vaya Fieberbrunn

Delicate massage pamper on holiday

Use your time and treat yourself to expert massages. Choose from an extensive range of massages on seven days a week. A variety of massage techniques can accelerate and deepen your ability to release tension. Your body then recovers and your mind clears. Do something good and take the time for you.

Relax - Refresh - Recharge

We live in a time when there is little space for relaxation and regeneration. Stress sometimes makes it difficult to go into sleep mode. However, relaxation is important and essential for the regeneration of body and mind.

Good things for body and soul

Various massagescan accelerate and deepen your relaxation. The body recovers and the mind becomes clearer and freer. Do yourself a treat and take some time for yourself.

Enjoy these massages


Take advantage of your holiday at the Hotel Vaya to relax deeply and recharge your batteries. During a massage, all tensions are released, pleasant scents or sounds envelop you. Body and mind can rest and find balance.

Which treatment would you like? Choose you favorite and reserve your pampering break at the reception desk.

Which treatment would you like?

Localized and Full Body

€39 (25 min) / €65 (50 min)

Sports Massage

€69 (50 min)

Reflexology Foot Massage

€39 (25 min)

Face Massage

€39 (25 min)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

€69 (50 min)

Aromatherapy Massage

€69 (50 min)

Combination Massage

€69 (50 min)

Hot Stone Massage

€69 (50 min)

Book your massage at

Hotel Vaya Fieberbunn

at the reception desk - or via mail

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